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About People to People TV

People to People TV was formed in Santa Barbara in the summer of 2002 to record and broadcast the voices for freedom and social change locally and beyond. Our founders and members are experienced video journalists, filmmakers, activists and multi-media specialists. We are not on any "Team", Left or Right or Center, Red or Blue Team. We're on the Truth Team. We believe that the veil is lifting and more and more people are seeing clearly that the road we're on is leading us from freedom to fascism.

What’s the Big Secret?

LITTLE SAVAGE:  I just saw the movie “The Secret”.  It’s message seems to be that thoughts are the most powerful things in the Universe.   So….If I think the right thoughts, will the Universe align itself with me, and everything … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Little Savage™ Multiverse

  I have moved my blogging from Blogger to here as I get ready to launch my 6 books, as ebooks, mini books and maxi books.  I have been reconstructing my website and getting ready to take this show on the … Continue reading

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